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What is FairSource?

FairSource is a business consultancy founded by Robert Walikis for all small to mid-sized businesses - from a sole proprietor in retail sales, to a driven high tech engineering team, to a several hundred person production facility - without the borders of standard marketing, information technology and engineering boutiques.

FairSource understands that boundaries - whether between a company and its customers, between the marketing and engineering functions, or between IT developers and IT users - are where most business problems and more business opportunities lie.

FairSource also understands that targeted gap analysis of your business plans and business chains can mean the important difference between:

- raising capital...or sitting on your great idea,
- growing your market...or missing an opportunity,
- enhancing customer relations...or hurting them, and
- scaling your business...or hitting failure points.

FairSource wants to help you solve problems and create opportunities, large and small.

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